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calculates Iowa child support payments pursuant to federal and
state regulations. The program is a Windows compatible program that allows the user to
enter pertinent information about the case, and produces standardized print output based on
required and optional forms. A

Financial Affidavit


Stipulation of Assets and Liabilities

Worksheet may be


produced utilizing the same and additional data.
The program was designed for use by legal professionals, and is not recommended for
non-professional use. Due to the complexity and ramifications of an in-correct application
of the law, we do not take responsibility for the application of this program.
Pricing is dependent upon licensed user counts. A licensed user is considered to be one
attorney and their direct supporting office staff. Each Lawyer who uses the program or who
represents or files the case in court is required to own a license. *Judges and court clerks
may obtain a free copy of the program for their use by written request or email.
Please call us for current pricing at:


, or contact us by email from our Contact
page. Any required mid-year updates are provided for free. We also offer "Office Pack" pricing
for multi users who share the same office, at pro-rated discount rates. Again, please call
or email us for current pricing information. We also value product enhancement suggestions.

"30 day - Satisfaction Guarantee"